Maui Style Poke Bowl

June 29, 2018

Author Notes: At the recently opened Bowl & Blade in Park Slope, Brooklyn, the restaurant has mastered a new take on quick-serve – capitalizing on the bowl phenomena while drawing inspiration from numerous cultures like Hawaiian, Mediterranean and Korean. One of its best-sellers is the Maui Style Poke bowl made with wakame seaweed salad, scallion, sweet onion, mango and tobiko caviar (choice of sauce and protein). Now you can make your own version of this bowl using the ingredients and step-by-step instructions provided by Executive Chef Adin Langille.Staff Member

Serves: 1
Prep time: 5 min
Cook time: 5 min


Honey Tamari Sauce

  • 390 grams tamari soy sauce
  • 180 grams honey
  • 60 grams sesame oil
  • 90 grams rice wine vinegar
  • 60 grams mirin
  • 20 siracha

Spicy Mayo

  • 400 grams mayo
  • 50 grams gochujang
  • 10 grams yuzu juice
In This Recipe


  1. For Honey Tamari Sauce, combine all ingredients except the sesame oil, buzz with a hand blender then slowly mix in the sesame oil
  2. For Spicy Mayo, toss cubes of fresh tuna with the honey tamari sauce and toasted sesame seeds then serve over sushi rice with mango, sweet onion, scallion and top with the spicy mayo.

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