Doodh Dulari Recipe

September 2, 2018

Author Notes: Eid is and also this can be just really actually a delicious Doodh Dulari Recipe to create the 1 st day of Eid. Doodh Dulari now is a lot easier to produce and also perfect for preference. Give this Doodh Dulari Recipe an attempt and also do talk about your own feedback.Pamela Steele

Serves: 4
Prep time: 40 min
Cook time: 1 hrs


  • Dodo 1 a lead
  • sugar 1 cup
  • apple 2 tsp
  • banana Number 8
  • Mix 1 cup of fruit tones
  • kstrd 2 tbsp
  • pottage 1 cup
  • juice 1 may embrace
  • color vermicelli 1/2
  • Grass China 4 stick
In This Recipe


  1. Boil 2 cups of water in a sauce pan. In fact, add 2 packets of jelly and 4 stick china.
  2. Keep cool when ready. Boil milk separately in one pan and then cook it by adding wholes, sugar and clarins. When cooling, then cool it. Now add the mixture to the lightweight. Cut the apples and bananas into small square pieces and mix them in the mixture. Along with raspberry, rubber, almonds, pistachios. Cut the jelly in small pieces and mix it in the whudd and keep it cool. Offer when cooling.
  3. Delicious cool-pond milk- dressing is ready.

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