Loacker® Lollipops

By Chef Christian Pritchard
September 20, 2018

Author Notes: Recipe credit: Chef Christian Pritchard for Loacker Canada Chef Christian Pritchard

Serves: 6
Prep time: 5 min


  • 50 (160 g) Loacker® Quadratini, any flavour (Loacker® wafers can also be used by chopping them into quarter sized pieces)
  • 2 bars (200 g) Perugina® 70% Dark Chocolate bars
  • 2 bars (200 g) white chocolate of your choice


  1. Fill a large pot up 3 quarters of the way with water and bring the water to a boil.
  2. Place another bowl on top of the pot and place the broken Perugina® tablets into it, stirring occasionally until melted.
  3. Insert lollipop stick into the Loacker® Quadratini and drizzle with melted chocolate.
  4. Decorate, serve up and enjoy!
  5. **You may also choose to include some fresh fruits in between each Loacker® Quadratini for an added tartness

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