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Coconut Chow Mein Butterscotch Cookies

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Clams with Cream, Farro, and Baby Kale

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7b1c12c1 1c2e 40ba a391 ffa89d9ce499  2015 1207 warm egg nog james ransom 022 1
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Warm Eggnog

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4f168cae d698 4c0a 9fbb 382fba4136c4  2015 1207 leg of lamb with garlic sauce james ransom 014
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Leg of Lamb with Garlic Sauce

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E23d70d1 8662 4be9 9050 e640f1db00f5  2015 1201 israeli jelly doughnuts james ransom 066
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Sufganiyot (Israeli Jelly Doughnuts)

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Grandma DiLaura's Panettone

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5898084a 573a 483b ae02 e1b77f5f6f35  2015 1130 bruleed apple butter pie bobbi lin 14968
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Brûléed Apple Butter Pie

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D795db2b 8566 4f3a bd9c cad57003c96b  2015 1124 flatbread made from leftover thanksgiving mashed potatoes bobbi lin 14770
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Leftover Mashed Potato Flatbread

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