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9848a691 421c 4692 b6ac 5ba9f29c5288  2015 0825 broccoli roasted with tahini garlic and lemon bobbi lin 8921
Wildcard Winner

Tahini Roasted Broccoli

2453fda1 ade0 4ead a688 16095f559604  photo on 2012 09 09 at 15.37 2 Laurie
4184a88d 2e9c 4190 91f9 bb8591a440d6  2015 0818 spanikopita grilled cheese james ransom 029
Wildcard Winner

Spanakopita Grilled Cheese

Ba78e8c8 71ef 4871 a22e 087213000ce1  january Alexandra V. Jones
2ab2b843 26f9 415f 9a5c 3e9bafa03220  2015 0824 carrot halwa blondie bars bobbi lin 8387
Wildcard Winner

Carrot-Halwa Blondie Bars

67544da8 1862 4539 8ec8 2d9dfc2601bb  dsc 0122.nef 1 Panfusine
Fd1fd7af cc0d 449f 9bfd 290010f39eba  2015 0818 smores croissants james ransom 009
Wildcard Winner

S'mores Croissants

19fb9f0b e247 4733 8e91 8899d0ee5db8  299368 712880140350 2900019 35478160 1615070951 n sugarmountaintreats
7685c008 1900 4ec1 ab03 b87be815b091  2015 0811 thai inspired chicken burger with lemongrass and lime leaves alpha smoot 577
Wildcard Winner

Larb Burgers

78edd2cc a01d 4a69 a800 0e16e5a7fb09  10989963 1614087932141573 4301503919110613206 n Savory Love
698c3e7e b5ec 468c 8755 cbec90f4cddf  2015 0720 chile roasted chicken and sweet potatoes with cilantro rice mark weinberg 543
Wildcard Winner

Chile-Roasted Chicken and Sweet Potatoes with Cilantro Rice

Bc16c9cc bccd 4e91 bada 0ebbded31660  pic Sarah | Wisconsin from Scratch
7574281f f82e 4fea a695 89c4331dd392  2015 0810 spaghetti with preserved anchovies eggplant and black olives alpha smoot 106
Wildcard Winner

Spaghetti alla Sylvia Thompson

8bbce907 3b5e 4c8c be5c c64e6c780d63  birthday 2012 luvcookbooks
C41755eb ecf4 4cd5 ac6e b4eccc3608fd  corn soup tofu larb food52 mark weinberg 14 09 09 0440
Wildcard Winner

Corn Soup with Tofu Larb

Da87f38c 4a47 410c a79f fe08927d7a0e  52dabff2a32f3caf38000009 260x260 Colleen Rose

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