A small but mighty grill.

We love to grill, but unless we're cooking for a crowd, a huge BBQ that takes time to heat up isn't the most practical. What we need in the summer is a small grill that doesn't take up space and heats up quickly. This carbon steel hibachi grill has a removable grilling surface -- and it's ideal for making dinner for just a few (it uses charcoal, which gives grilled food a great smoky flavor). It's pretty hefty (24.5 lbs) because it's seriously sturdy and nearly indestructible. Use it to cook small cuts of meat, fish, chicken, and vegetables. We fired ours up for these sweet and spicy five spice burgers with gingery mangos.

The entire grill is metal, so handle it carefully! It'll heat up and should be used on heat-resistant surfaces like stone.