Your *nonna* called -- she wants you to order her a box.

Sfoglini’s Brooklyn-made pastas put grocery store boxes to shame—with unique flavors made from locally-sourced ingredients. If you’re like us, the week isn’t complete without at least one or two hearty pasta meals, and Sfoglini’s wide variety of shapes and flavors keeps our pantry stocked and our cooking interesting.

  • Reginetti: This delicate ribbon-shaped pasta is almost too pretty to eat -- almost. It's traditionally paired with equally delicate sauces, but we think it holds up just as well with a meat ragu. Pick from semolina or a blend of whole grain wheat.
  • Trumpets: Campanelle means "little bell" in Italian, and is said to look like either a flower or a horn. Regardless of what shape you see, this the pasta you bring out for your thickest sauces -- despite the delicate name, it can handle it. Snap these up in Porcini or Semolina varieties.
  • Saffron Malloreddus: Shaped similarly to cavatelli -- do as the Sardinians do and serve this pasta with tomato sauce, fresh mint and pecorino.
  • Fusilli: Fusilli’s fun curlicues hold on to sauces nicely, meaning you get a balanced bite of sauce and pasta. Choose from Sriracha or Beet flavors.