Just the tonic you need.

When we asked for suggestions on how to prepare a drink using this DIY tonic water, the experts at Oaktown Spice told us: ""Use with a really good gin and a French spa town mineral water for an outstanding G&T or with a really bad gin and a store brand soda water for a very good G&T."

And that about sums it up, this tonic water is so good that it can make even mediocre alcohol taste incredible. It has much more flavor than any tonic water you can buy. The kit includes enough cinchona, citric acid, lemongrass, cubeb pepper, and Jamaican allspice to make about 1 quart of concentrate (enough for 30-60 tonic waters) depending how strong you like it. You can easily adjust the spice amount to suit your tastes.

The kit includes more citric acid that you will likely need. We recommend starting with a smaller amount and adjusting as you go to get to the level you like. Make sure to use cheesecloth as you strain the tonic water.