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Parisian Candy Box

2.7 Stars / 3 Reviews

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Parisian Candy Box
2.67 Stars / 3 Reviews

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1.0 Star
very tiny box
this is a very small amount of candy for the price. the box is beautiful but also smaller than your hand and not metal.
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Submitted on: 7/13/2019 Reviewed by: Amy F. Option:
3.0 Stars
Pretty box
This is a very pretty box...and I must admit being attracted to the box and really didn’t care about the candy. Upon arrival, I tried the candy...I had hoped the candy would be one of those lovely European sweets experiences of less sugar and more flavor. Sadly, the candy is meh. But the box remains a treasure.
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Submitted on: 6/23/2019 Reviewed by: Juju A. Option:
4.0 Stars
Beautiful candies, good as small holiday gift
Beautiful box, and tasty candies. Wished tin box was really a tin box and not thin cardboard painted to look like tin box.
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Submitted on: 3/2/2019 Reviewed by: ej Option:

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