Just add a cheese plate and a bottle of wine.

A 3-pack with our favorites: Chorizo Rioja, Loukanika, and Finocchiona
A 4-pack with the Chorizo Rioja, Loukanika, Nola, and Saucisson Sec you met above (Cairo’s favorites)

A sampler box with—count ‘em—13 cured meats:

  • Cacciatore, a classic Italian hunter’s salami with caraway, coriander, dried red chili, and black pepper.
  • Chorizo Andalucia, a Spanish salami starring paprika, garlic, and clove.
  • Chorizo Navarre, Spanish salami flavored with sweet paprika, garlic, and cayenne.
  • Chorizo Rioja, a Spanish-style salami with sweet and smoked paprika, along with garlic, and oregano. (Cairo pairs it with red wine.)
  • Finocchiona, a traditional Italian salami with garlic, black pepper, and fennel.
  • Loukanika, a Greek salami with garlic and cumin, plus a hint of orange zest. (Fun fact: This is a recipe passed down from Cairo’s father.)
  • Nola, an Italian number of coarse-ground salami with black pepper, allspice, and chili flakes for a kick of heat.
  • Saucisson aux Noisettes, a French salami brimming with Oregon-harvested hazelnuts.
  • Saucisson d’Alsace, an Alsatian pub salami with hints of clove, nutmeg, allspice, and cinnamon.
  • Saucisson d’Arles, a French number with just pork and salt, pure and simple.
  • Saucisson Sec, a traditional—and very classic—French salami with garlic and black pepper.
  • Salchichon, a Spanish-style festival salami with cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, black pepper, garlic, and paprika.
  • Sopressata, a classic Italian take with clove, oregano, garlic, and chili flake.

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