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White Italian Truffle (1 Ounce)

Better than gold.

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Product Details

By sourcing the freshest truffles directly from Northern Italy, Mikuni has established itself as one of the leading purveyors of truffles in North America. Mikuni works closely with truffle hunters and foragers who have been tied to this land for countless generations. We're lucky to partner with them this year to offer their truffles: the best of the best you can find.

When these white Alba truffles arrive from Italy, they get snapped up quickly by chefs and food lovers alike—as they're in season for a very short period every year. The mountains and meadows of the infamous Alba region of Italy are home to the most superior white truffles in the world—the white truffle has a definitively unique scent that delicately perfumes and flavors any dish. It's often described as having a sweet garlic aroma with sharp earthy undertones.

You'd be wise to shave it over scrambled eggs or a simple risotto, and we'd certainly not stop you from putting it on a pizza. The truffle is such a rare gem that Mikuni packages it in a sleek glass jar, nestled atop arborio rice.

Read more about truffles! What it takes for them to arrive to your door fresh-as-can-be and how to incorporate them into your cooking.

  • Made in: Italy
  • Size: 1 ounce

Mikuni Wild Harvest ships out their fresh truffles overnight express on Monday through Thursday. This way, your truffles will arrive by week's end and won't sit in a warehouse over the weekend! If you order on a Thursday or Friday, please allow additional shipping time. Your patience will be rewarded!

To our friends in Alaska and Hawaii: Because these truffles have to ship overnight to guarantee they're at their freshest, we are unable to ship them to either location. We only want the best for you!

Sourced from: Mikuni Wild Harvest

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Photography by James Ransom.

Care & Notes

Always refrigerate truffles and do not wash truffles with water. Simply brush them off with a soft brush. At the most use a slightly damp paper towel to brush any existing dirt off the truffles, but only do this right before use. Truffles are always best consumed within 2 days of receiving them (this is when their aroma is at their highest) but they can be kept for up to 4 days in the fridge in the container they arrive in.

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