Thrice as nice.

Mustard can be controversial—some people swear by Dijon while others are wed to honey mustard—so we knew we'd found something special when we discovered a trio of mustard our entire team loves. It had us rethinking how flavorful and just plain delicious our condiments can be, as well as the variety of food mustard can accompany. Choose from the flavors below (3 jars are included per order) or opt for the sampler pack to try one of each:

Honey Curry Mustard: The original flavor that secured Mustard and Co.'s street cred, if you will. It includes the tried-and-true trio of mustard ingredients: fresh-ground, raw mustard seeds, organic extra-virgin olive oil, and balsamic vinegar for flavor, with some added raw honey and organic curry blend mixed in.

Garlic Dill Mustard: Inspired by a Seattle chef who requested a mustard for grilled sausage of bratwurst, this flavor is the PB&J of mustards—it goes with just about everything and is a crowd-pleaser.

Classic Mustard: Proves that unadulterated brown mustard isn't synonymous with ""boring."" This mustard is the brainchild of a collaboration between Mustard and Co. and Oregon's Jacobsen Salt Co. The salt and natural mustard seeds are what gives this flavor its natural kick (no need for horseradish). Use it to whip together a quick vinaigrette or mix it into a cream sauce to pour over roasted chicken.