Mauviel M'passion Copper Sugar Saucepan, 1.9QT

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Villedieu-les-Poêles is a petite village in Normandy under the shadow of Mont Saint Michel known as the “City of Copper,” where Monsieur Ernest Mauviel was inspired to establish his manufacturing company in 1830. With 800 years of copper making lore passed down from generation to generation, Mauviel has been supplying cookware of the highest quality to professional cooks and household chefs ever since, and everyone lives happier ever after.
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Mauviel M'passion Copper Sugar Saucepan, 1.9QT
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5.0 Stars
Piece of art
A wonderful addition to my kitchen! Perfect for multiple uses including making sauces as well as spun sugar, etc. Does not disappoint!! Very well made and is a beautiful piece to add to my Mauviel collection! Cheers!!
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