Made to measure.

PBS host and author Rose Levy Beranbaum takes the guesswork out of that oh-so-tricky process of rolling and shaping pie dough with this incredibly handy kit. A long tube made from food-grade SynGlas acrylic acts as your rolling pin, and a measuring mat illustrates all the sizes of crust you might be confronted with—printed with Rose’s favorite crust recipes and pie baking tips.

Each set includes 3 sets of dough slats, a rolling pin, and a mat. The dough rails, which come in pairs of 1/16”, 3/32”, and 1/8” thick slats that will help you roll out your dough to any desired thickness. Set your disk of pastry on the mat, line up a pair of slats on either side of it at the desired diameter, and roll, roll, roll your dough to an exact thickness. With light dustings of flour, the dough won’t stick to the rolling pin at all. When that’s all done, just cut along the lines on the mat for a perfectly shaped crust. All that’s left is to fill, bake, and enjoy the sweet smell of flaky golden success.

Dough rails all fit conveniently inside the rolling pin for easy storage. Choose between a chipper red, or a funky opaque white set.

“I normally hate gadgets that only do one thing, but this one stores the rubber guides in the space that your rolling pin would normally take up. I think for people who are uncomfortable rolling dough or who are new to it, it’s great to have circle guides as well as ‘rulers’ around the edges.” —Derek Laughren, Test Kitchen Manager