Say cheese!

Ever wished a cheese platter would put itself together? Your wish is granted. This set of 4 aged goat cheeses from Vermont Creamery includes a yeasty Bijou, nutty Cremont, ash-ripened Bonne Bouche, and densely creamy Coupole. Just add crackers (or send it to someone if you want to make their day).

Cremont- Pasteurized cows’ milk, pasteurized goats’ milk, pasteurized cows’ cream, salt, cultures, enzymes; Bonne Bouche- Pasteurized goats’ milk, salt, cultures, enzymes, ash; Coupole- Pasteurized goats’ milk, salt, cultures, enzymes

Bijou- 4 ounces; Cremont- 5 ounce; Bonne Bouche- 4 ounces; Coupole- 6.5 ounces