Dualit Toaster (2 or 4 Slice)

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United Kingdom
A British institution since 1945, Dualit builds exactly what you need for a proper kitchen. Cutting-edge from the get go, this award-winning company is still dreaming, inventing, and enhancing all of our appliance staples.
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Dualit Toaster (2 or 4 Slice)
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1 Star
Buyer beware - color not as advertised.
The toaster is beautiful. I am speaking only of the copper toaster. It is not a true copper color. If you expect it to reflect the orange hue in the photos, you will be disappointed. Look up other photos of the toaster on other sites for true color representation. It is more of a metallic brown, and doesn't match any of my copper goods from many different brands. I reached out to Food52 explaining the situation now many days later and the situation has yet to be resolved, the person I spoke to suggested the manufacturer sent the wrong one (upon further research of my own this was not the case) and then so far hasn't gotten back to me about how the situation can be rectified.
Verified Purchase
Submitted on: 12/4/2018 Reviewed by: Ashley E.
4 Stars
Nice Toaster - Needs to Heat Better
This is an excellent toaster for making great looking bagels and toast. The one shortcoming is the fact that the nicely toasted bagels are not very warm. I like to have the temperature match the toasting. The slots could be a little wider for the bagels, as well.
Verified Purchase
Submitted on: 5/19/2018 Reviewed by: Paul R.

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