Board almighty.

Your charcuterie spread will be the star of the party when you arrange it on this show-stopping marble and metal serving board from Hawkins New York. Grooves on the shorter edges make it an easy carry from kitchen to dining room—or in the case of some of our smaller apartments, from kitchen to… kitchen. Four copper or brass feet give the board a little shine, taking your Prosciutto di Parma and Parmigiano Reggiano to celebrity status. The beauty of marble is on full display here—each board will have its own pattern and variations. Some of the pinks may have more grey, some of the whites may have more marbling than others, but we're of the mind that the more unique, the better. The board comes in two sizes—but if your parties are anything like ours, there’s no such thing as too much room for cheese.

Due to the variations in natural marble, the pink boards and bowls will differ both in pattern and shade from the photographs above.