These marble bowls are too stunning to stash away, designed by our friends at Hawkins New York. Not that you’ll be without ideas of your own for how to use these handy and handsome pieces, but here are just a few of ours: the smaller catches our keys or holds our rings, the medium size we’ll set out during parties with mixed nuts, and our prettiest fruit, piled high in the large one, will be set off so nicely by the light marble. The beauty of marble is on full display here—each bowl will have its own pattern and variations. Some of the pinks may have more grey, some of the whites may have more marbling than others, but we're of the mind that the more unique, the better. Choose one or get all 3—they nest neatly into one another!

Due to the variations in natural marble, the pink boards and bowls will differ both in pattern and shade from the photographs above.