The new classic.

This French oven does everything your classic Staub cocotte does, with a brand-new look. Available in grey, grenadine, matte black, or white, the Essential French Oven has sloping sides similar to a skillet, to help you scrape all the nooks and crannies while you stir a risotto or a pot of grits. The domed lid has the self-basting technology that Staub is known for—its specially-designed inner spikes evenly distribute condensation for the most tender of braises. Along with its updated design, the Essential French Oven has all the details and craftsmanship that makes Staub one of the most trusted names in cookware: superior heat distribution, oven-safe capacity up to 500°F, easy-to-clean enamel finish, and the good looks to take it from stovetop to tabletop.

Available in graphite, matte black, grenadine, and white with a stainless steel knob, or graphite with a brass knob.