They smolder.

Plain coals are old news—add some wood smoking chips to your grill (or your smoker) and enjoy that deep, smoky flavor you thought you’d only get at those BBQ joints that cook their meats low-n-slow for hours. All of Wildwood’s smoking chips are sourced and made in the United States and are free of chemicals and additives.

For the bolder barbecuer, try the “Smoky” sampler which includes 1 bag each of: hickory (classic, strong, and smoky BBQ flavors that pair with beef, lamb, and wild game), mesquite (the boldest smoke out there and the one that put Texas barbecued brisket on the map), and northwest blend (a best-of-both worlds combo of sweet maple, smoky alder, and rounded out with cherry).

The “Sweet” sampler pack is for those who favor a subtler smoke and includes 1 bag each of: maple (mild and sweet for pairing with pork), alder (an earthy smoke that elevates seafood and poultry), and cherry (a sweet, fruit-forward choice for poultry).

Now, get to grilling!