Party on pan.

Mauviel, who make some of our favorite copper pieces, are searing their way into our hearts once again with their M’steel line of carbon steel cookware basics. The extra-thick (but surprisingly lightweight) carbon steel has excellent heat conduction, withstands very high temperatures, and becomes naturally nonstick after seasoning. Think of it as a lighter weight version of your cast iron (and, as Mauviel says, "what French mamas use instead"). These are professional grade pieces that work on all cooktops (including induction), great for serious and beginner cooks alike. The handsome industrial look is just an added bonus.

Paella is the ultimate party dish—nothing will get your friends together faster than the promise of a giant pan of saffron-scented rice, seafood, and chorizo. The wide base and shallow sides of M’steel’s 14” paella pan will ensure that heat distributes evenly, so instead of gluey clumps, you get that oh-so-desirable crispy rice bottom.

Note that the pan will come with a thin layer of beeswax to protect the pan from rusting and assist with seasoning. See Care & Notes for instructions on how to remove the coating (and check out this helpful video from Mauviel.

On induction cooktops, use at only 2/3 max heat. The pan will become extremely hot at this temperature and higher temps are not needed. On induction, maximum heat has the potential to burn the pan.