Brass & blue just for Food52.

Introducing the Food52 x Staub Essential French Oven, the first in our exclusive line of cookware with the heritage French cast iron experts. They've been making beautiful, high-quality enameled cast iron pots from the Alsace region since 1974.

Our French Oven has all the things you know and love about Staub—the indestructible cast iron, top-notch heat distribution, the spiked lid for superior moisture distribution, and the beautiful, easy-to-clean enamel finish. But we gave it the Food52 touch with a deep blue shine and a warm brass handle (a color combo that makes us swoon!).

Stews, sauces, braises, roasts: the French Oven will quickly become your go-to vessel for all manner of dishes (like Delicately Fragrant Mulled Cider). Carry this stunner right to your table, and let its good looks shine.

Cook the video: the recipe for Three Cup Chicken here.