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Porcelain Paper To-Go Cup

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Candy Relics

Portland, OR
A Portland, Oregon-based design team, Candy Relics works primarily in ceramics. Their agenda is reinvention and repurposing “relics,” or outmoded objects and ideas of the past. They reclaim the forgotten, and even the name itself, redefining them into functional modern designs.
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Porcelain Paper To-Go Cup
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4 Stars
Love, love, love.
This is everything I wanted it to be-adorable 8oz size, wonderful aesthetics, I just can't get over it. At least two people have picked it up to toss it, then realized what it was, and spent the next 5 minutes talking about it! It has the most interesting texture on the outside like it's been stacked a few times, with little "dents" in it. When coffee dribbles down the outside, it even dries to the texture of a paper cup! It's AMAZING. But with the inside nicely glazed, it's a snap to clean. I do wish they had a 12oz size, as I can't take it to my favorite coffee joint (they don't carry 8 ox lids, nor do they charge for anything less than a 10oz) but I love it. The only downside is: it gets REALLY hot. I need to crochet a cozy for it.
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Submitted on: 10/19/2018 Reviewed by: Joy

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