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Porcelain Paper To-Go Cup

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Porcelain Paper To-Go Cup
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4.0 Stars
Love, love, love.
This is everything I wanted it to be-adorable 8oz size, wonderful aesthetics, I just can't get over it. At least two people have picked it up to toss it, then realized what it was, and spent the next 5 minutes talking about it! It has the most interesting texture on the outside like it's been stacked a few times, with little "dents" in it. When coffee dribbles down the outside, it even dries to the texture of a paper cup! It's AMAZING. But with the inside nicely glazed, it's a snap to clean. I do wish they had a 12oz size, as I can't take it to my favorite coffee joint (they don't carry 8 ox lids, nor do they charge for anything less than a 10oz) but I love it. The only downside is: it gets REALLY hot. I need to crochet a cozy for it.
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Submitted on: 10/19/2018 Reviewed by: Joy Option:

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