The whole Food52 shebang.

Trick out your cookbook shelf with all of the Food52 titles! For the budding cook who’s just building out their collection, or the baker who wants to get out of a rut, or the home chef who loves nothing more than curling up on the couch with a cookbook...there’s something for everyone here. Plus, for a limited time, each set’s coming with a bonus: Cook in the Blank—a book of cooking templates that’ll help spark a lil’ creativity in the kitchen.

Pick from two tried-and-true collections:

Food52 Essentials Set of 6 (Baking, Mighty Salads, Vegan, Ice Cream & Friends, Any Night Grilling & Dynamite Chicken)—a perfect starter set for any home chef, or a great way to divide and conquer gift-gifting.

Genius Set of 2 (Genius Recipes & Genius Desserts)—a series loaded with brilliant ideas and helpful tips and tricks to take your kitchen game to the next level.