Achieve brewmaster status.

Part science experiment, part happy hour: our beer-making subscription will have you brewing ales, IPAs, and stouts in your own home. The results are your reward: homemade beers to share with friends and family!

Choose from a 6-month or year-long subscription; With either, you’ll get 3 new beer mixes and 3 packets of sanitizer every 3 months (each mix is enough for a 1 gallon batch, approximately ten 12-ounce beers).

  • The 6-month subscription will be 2 quarterly shipments, for 6 mixes in total
  • The year-long subscription will be 4 quarterly shipments, for 12 mixes in total

The mixes will be a seasonal surprise and each will come with its own brewing instructions; past varieties have included Afternoon Saison, Pumpkin Beer, Black IPA, Bruxelles Blonde, Oatmeal Stout, and Grapefruit Honey Ale.

Opt for the Subscription + Beer Making Kit, and (along with your first 3 mixes) you’ll receive Brooklyn Brew Shop’s Beer Making Kit in your initial shipment, which includes:

  • 1 one-gallon glass fermenter;
  • 1 airlock
  • Tubing;
  • 1 thermometer;
  • 1 tubing clamp;
  • 1 packet of sanitizer;
  • 1 stopper;
  • 1 blowoff attachment;
  • Ingredient mix for Everyday IPA;
  • And a detailed instruction guide.

You’ll need to provide your own 8-quart stock pot, a 10” fine mesh strainer, a funnel, and 10 empty non-twist-off bottles (swingtops work great here) for bottling your beer when it’s ready! The instructions will walk you through the brewing process step-by-step: sanitization, the mash, the sparge, the boil, fermentation, bottling, and, of course, enjoying! Bottoms up!

  • Schedule: Your first 3 mixes (and the Beer Making Kit, if you opt for it) ship immediately and remaining mixes ship on a quarterly basis (every 3 months).