Just our cup of tea.

Sample the finest teas from around the world without pulling out your passport. This selection of the finest Palais des Thes signature flavored teas and single estate teas from Asia, Africa and America is a perfect trip around a globe, all in your teacup. You'll also learn all about what you're drinking with the handy Tea Lovers' Guide. The teas include Grand Yunnan Impérial (flowery and mild black tea of China, perfect in the morning), Long Jing (green tea of China with a delicate chestnut aroma, lightly sweet), Pu Erh Impérial (Chinese fermented tea with intense and powerful scents), Genmaïcha (a unique mix of Bancha tea and roasted rice), Sencha Ariake (green from Japan, perfect in the morning), Butterfly of Taiwan (beautiful Oolong tea, woody and honeyed), Grand Himalaya (a blend made with the best Darjeeling from the First Flush 2013), Margaret’s Hope (a fruity Darjeeling with a great character), Assam Hattiali (a high quality Assam, black tea from India with a spicy and full-bodied liquor), Saint-James (black tea from Sri Lanka).