Vintage crystal from the heart of Florence.

These mouth blown, hand cut vintage crystal pieces were made by a Florence, Italy-based glassmaker using ancient grindstones and traditional techniques that date back to the 19th century. Our friends at MATCH snagged a select number of these special pieces in limited quantities, exclusively for us.

The set includes a flute, two styles of water goblets, a white wine glass, and two styles of dessert wine glasses.

Marcella Flute: 2.75” in diameter x 7” H and holds 6 ounces; Marcella Water Goblet: 3” in diameter x 6.5” H and holds 12 ounces; Marcella Dessert Wine: 2.5” in diameter x 5.5” H and holds 4.5 ounces; Giovanna Flute: 2.75” in diameter x 7.25” H and holds 6 ounces; Giovanna White Wine: 2.75” in diameter x 5.6” H and holds 8 ounces; Giovanna Dessert Wine: 2.25” in diameter x 5” H and holds 4 ounces. Glasses sold individually.