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Spring Branch Wreath

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Spring Branch Wreath
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1.0 Star
Very Disappointing
I ordered this wreath based on the written and pictorial description. Upon arrival, the wreath was not as described: 1. Listed as 18” diameter/Actual wreath was 14” diameter. 2. Pictured wreath showed full, intact dried branches & flowers/Actual wreath was skimpy (perhaps why there was a 4” size difference?) and many of the branches were broken at the ends. 3. Picture didn’t show a substantial glob of dried hot glue on the front of the wreath/Actual wreath had a substantial glob of dried hot glue right in the front, where visually obvious. Upon arrival, I was very disappointed with the quality of this wreath. It didn’t match the description on the website. I wrote to Food52, including photos of the actual wreath I received, and promptly received a full refund on my credit card statement. Although the wreath was a disappointment, I’m incredibly pleased with Food52’s customer service, which included a prompt response and full reimbursement. In the future, I will not hesitate to shop/order from Food52.......Thank you for such attentive customer support! :)
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Submitted on: 5/15/2021 Reviewed by: Karen W. Option:

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