Rid the rot, wave goodbye to wilt.

We’ve all been there: you open your crisper drawer and discover the saddest, squishiest carrot rolling around all alone. Vejibags are here to save that carrot from its rotting fate!

These 100% organic cotton bags (a super-soft french terry!) are one of the easiest and earth-friendliest ways we found to store our produce so its stays fresh and crispy for longer. Simply dampen the bags, fill with your farmer’s market bounty, and stick in the fridge. Whatever’s inside will stay fresh for a week or more (just spritz with more water if the bags get dry). The bags are handmade in North Carolina and there are three sizes available: the standard is great for bunches of herbs, broccoli, a pile of potatoes or beets, and cucumbers; the large is a good fit for carrots, celery, and asparagus, and the extra-large fits your biggest bunches of leafy greens.