Life in the laid-back lane.

Take a step away from the glamor of Paris, and you'll find a charming, sprawling rural France. La Vie Rustic invites you to a table in Provence, filled with fresh eggs, dribbly tomatoes, and briny cured meats—inspired by the author's time in the region and the produce and animals in her own backyard.

For Georgeanne Brennan, Provençal cooking is all about cementing the relationship between land and table. The book is divided into five sections: The Potager (the kitchen garden), The Orchard, The Barnyard, The Forest & Field, and The Water. Within each, you'll find appetizers, main dishes, desserts, and some do-it-yourself projects inspired by each area's bounty.

The artichokes that The Potager yields are charred and served with a creamy, herby dipping sauce. Zucchini is frittered with pine nuts. And potatoes marry with chorizo in a rich chowder broth. The Orchards' blood oranges, figs, and cherries appear in tarts, breads, meats, cordials, or are simply grilled. Pâté from chicken livers, the porky peasant staple cassoulet, and homemade lamb merguez are found in The Barnyard, whose dishes use most every part of the animal. Talk a walk into The Forest & Field, where the wild things are—mushrooms, dainty greens, berries. They're turned into spunky dishes like Quail with Juniper Glaze and Pickled Wild Mushrooms. And finally, The Water is a bounty of cod and mussels and crayfish, appearing in everything from spreads to beignets.

This is French cooking minus heavy sauces and finicky preparations. This is French cooking around a wobbly wooden table, the food fragrant and alive with the surrounding lands of plenty.

Comes with a signed bookplate.

  • Length: 292 pages
  • Author: Georgeanne Brennan