One pot to braise, bake, roast, and fry them all.

We love a pot that earns its keep, and this cast iron gem from Staub is a true one-pot wonder, enameled in an exclusive-to-us blue and topped with gleaming brass hardware. The braiser is also available in graphite, grenadine, or matte black, whatever your style! We won’t give away all the ways you’ll find yourself using this pot, but here are a few to get you started: make an herby, savory braise of lamb and rice for a no-fuss weeknight dinner; sauté your way to a hearty breakfast hash; bake a bubbly summer fruit crumble; and fry up lacy-edged vegetable fritters on its wide flat surface. How’s that for starters?

Available in graphite grenadine with a stainless steel knob, or graphite, matte black, or Food52 x Staub blue with a brass knob. (Psst...there're also fanciful animal knobs you can swap in!)