Created by and for a North Carolina community.

Each of these pieces is part of the Shelter Collection, designed in Charleston, South Carolina and produced by a team of artisans in Star, North Carolina. After the closing of a factory in Star left a large portion of the town unemployed, nonprofit STARworks used the vacant building to start a full-scale ceramics and glassblowing studio, reviving the community economy by drawing artisans and craftspeople from all over the world. The Shelter Collection is a testament to the power of art in rebuilding communities.

Classic and clear, smoky and sultry, or bright blue as a summer sky: which glass are you? Whatever your color, each pitcher is hand blown to achieve an unexpected domed shape and their surface has a slight ribbed effect, created as the blower forms the shape of the glass. A sunken divot provides a place for your thumb to rest as pour water, wine, or fresh lemonade. These textured stunners are ready for any kind of table, from a casual Friday look to a patio party to Sunday night’s formal festivities.