Georgia-made better butter, and lots of it.

Yes, butter can taste even better. We whipped up a collection of the best cultured butters, from classic salted to herby basil, available all year long. The subscription includes 4 blocks of butter every 3 months. One will always be a Sea Salt butter, one sweet butter, one Roasted Garlic, and the fourth will be a seasonal butter.

Is the subscription a gift? Once you place your order, we'll e-mail you a printable gift note! The first shipment will ship out to your giftee two business days after purchase.

Here’s the detailed run down:

  • Spring: Sea-Salt, Blackberry Basil, Honey Rosemary, Roasted Garlic. Ships 2-day express when ready.
  • Summer: Sea-Salt, BBQ, Roasted Garlic with Basil and Parsley, Lemon Chive. Ships week of June 18th and 25th.
  • Fall: Sea-Salt, Cinnamon, Roasted Garlic, Balsamic Fig. Ships week of September 10th and 17th.
  • Winter: Sea-Salt, Red Pepper Mash, Roasted Garlic, Dark Chocolate. Ships weeks of December 3rd and 10th.

Banner Butters are made from ridiculously fresh cream straight from local Georgia, grass-fed, hormone-free cows. Their butters have a higher content of butterfat than most butters and everyone knows that more fat equals more flavor. They use a specific method of churning that involves letting the cream ripen, which allows good bacteria to form. That bacteria is what gives butter complex undertones of flavor, rather than the flat taste of many grocery store versions. Yes, this process takes 20 times longer than industrial scale butters—but it is more than worth it.

Price of subscription is partially inclusive of shipping cost for express shipping this farm-fresh ingredient on dry ice, for the entirety of the subscription. Orders ship only on Mondays and Tuesdays to ensure same week delivery.