Seeds of plenty.

Frog Hollow only has a handful of pomegranate trees in their orchards, but it’s worth the hustle during the fruit’s short season to get your hands on these ruby-red beauties. They’re jam-packed with bursty, sweet-tart seeds packed with juice, not to mention loads of antioxidants. We love how versatile they are: go savory by sprinkling some on top of a lunch-y grain bowl or fragrant lamb main; or sweeten up a batch of chocolate bark or power smoothie. Although our tried-and-true favorite way to eat ’em is by the handful, straight from hand to mouth.

Frog Hollow Farms ships out their fresh fruit express on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. This way, your fruit will arrive by week's end and won't sit in a warehouse over the weekend! If you order on a Thursday or Friday, please allow additional shipping time. Your patience will be rewarded with the freshest fruit!