A boast for the roast.

Whether you’re known for your Thanksgiving turkey, Christmas ham, New Year’s Eve prime rib, or weeknight chicken, you know the importance of a good carving fork and knife. But do you know about Laguiole’s carving fork and knife? Made by one the most renowned knife-makers in France, this carving set is handcrafted by master artisans who have been making some of the world’s most beloved knifes in southwestern France for over 100 years. The super-sharp steel blade gives you perfect slices—no matter your roast of choice—and the long-tined carving fork lets you stabilize your roast while you cut without shredding the meat. The intricately grained juniper wood handles are hand carved, and this set features Laguiole’s iconic bee on the spring plate (where the handle meets the blade)—in addition to the gorgeous metalwork on the handle, unique to each master knife-maker. This set comes with a wooden storage box to store your set, and protect your tools roast after roast.