Cocktail connoisseur? Amateur mixologist? Either way, you’ll wanna meet these bottles and infusions that let you create boozy concoctions at home. It all starts with the Infusion Kit: the durable glass bottle holds 375 mL of your drink of choice and has a stainless steel infusion basket ready to hold your blend. Plus, there’s a gold-finished stainless steel straw so you can taste your creation in style.

When you’re ready to add some flavor, make sure to have a few infusion blends on hand. The Variety Pack bundle has blends from citrus to mint to chili to smoky, while Essential Spirits serves up A+ pairings for whiskey, vodka, tequila, and gin. Each one takes less than 6 hours to infuse, so you’ll be sipping in no time. (Tip: You can also grab infusions à la carte to keep the goodness coming!)

Want to bottle your creation up for gifting or saving? That’s what the Bottling Kits are for. Snag the Ultimate Bottling & Bar Kit and get a 750-ml bar-grade reusable spirits bottle, write-on labels, plus oodles of extras: a zester, jigger, funnel, measuring spoon, and drip-stop pourers. Or grab the Mini Bottling Kit + Infusions and get three 12.6 ounce bottles with labels, plus a few blends to get you started. (There’s even a Mini Bottling and Infusion Kit in case you’re itching to try the whole shebang.) Now, get mixing!

  • Infusion Kit includes infusion bottle and tasting straw.
  • Infusion Kit + Variety Blend Pack includes infusion bottle, tasting spoon, and a variety pack of the infusion blends.
  • Infusion Kit + Essentials Spirits includes infusion bottle, tasting straw, and Vodka, Gin, Tequila, and Whiskey Cocktail Infusion Blends.
  • Mini Bottling Kit + Infusions includes (3) 12.6 ounce bottles, labels, and a Citrus, Chocolate, and Smoky blend packet.
  • Mini Bottling and Infusion Kit + Infusions includes (1) infusion bottle, a tasting straw, labels, (3) 12.6 ounce bottles, with a Citrus, Chocolate, and Smoky blend packet.
  • Ultimate Bottling Kit includes (1) 25 ounce bottle & stopper, 6 bottle labels, funnel, jigger, zester, measuring spoon, and 5 drip-stop pourers.
  • Liquor Cabinet Infusions includes Vodka, Gin, Tequila, Rum, Mulled Wine, and Whiskey Cocktail Infusion Blends.