Put a lid on it.

It’s no secret: we’re obsessed with Mason jars. We drink our coffee, tea, water, and even wine out of them; we bring our salads and lunches to work in them; we store our leftovers in them; we keep dry goods like nuts, flours, and grains in them; we even use them as soap dispensers in our office! So we intimately understand the frustration of losing a lid for one of these fantastically multi-purpose jars (which, honestly, happens all the time). Here to save the day: iLID Mason jar lids. These one-piece lids are perfectly sized for regular or wide-mouth Mason jars—plus there’s a drink lid, so we can Mason on the go. They’re sturdy enough to go in the dishwasher, thick enough for easy on-and-off, and sizeable enough that we won’t lose them. We’re stocking up on these, and even getting extras for friends—they’re that useful.