A delicate delicacy.

There’s been a revolution in caviar production, and we’re proud to bring you the fruits of that innovative labor: Aquatir caviar. Unlike traditional methods of caviar production, Aquatir employs unique techniques and technology to harvest the roe—without killing the sturgeon. Their farm-raised fish are organic and are raised without growth hormones, and the finished product is caviar with no GMOs, preservatives, artificial flavors, or antibiotics—just the clean, salty taste that we love.

How is this different from the way caviar is normally produced? Caviar is traditionally made from the roe (or eggs) of wild sturgeon caught in the Caspian and Black Seas. The basic economics of this arrangement—limited supply, high global demand—has significantly contributed to caviar’s status as one of the finest delicacies in the world...and also led to a depletion of sturgeon, and the threat of species extinction. In 2008, Russia actually banned the harvesting of sturgeon eggs to allow the fish population to replenish. But thanks to aquaculture innovation, Aquatir has produced three types of sustainable, humane caviar—Sterlet, Bester, and Osetra—so you can celebrate with a clear conscience.

The Osetra caviar features larger eggs that range in color from a glossy pale jade to a shimmery bronze. The flavor is buttery and rich, salty and clean.

The Bester caviar eggs are a dark grey color, are slightly smaller than the Osetra, and have a slightly fruity finish. This is the closest to Beluga as you can get!

The Sterlet is the smallest fish in the sturgeon family harvested for its eggs—which are also on the small side. Nearly black, the Sterlet caviar has a clean, fresh taste of the sea.

Whatever variety you choose, this organic, humanely raised caviar will glisten on your table and pop distinctively in your mouth—just as caviar should!