Herbal healing.

Inspired by the mystical medicinal properties of plants, these uncommon and fresh-tasting teas and infusions are just what our mornings, afternoons, and evenings were missing. All Leaves & Flowers teas are sustainably grown and hand-blended, so the flavors are balanced and deeply soothing. Each tea comes in an opaque black glass jar, the ideal (and eminently reusable) container for maintaining a tea’s freshness.

Tonic 01: Restore is a spicy, warming infusion that’ll fortify you all winter long. Made with lemongrass, licorice, ginger, citrus, and black pepper, it’s a medicinal blend perfect for chillier days and nights.

Leaves of Grass gets its fresh, green flavors from lemon verbena, peppermint, and tarragon. Inspired by a classic tisane, it’s a refreshing and slightly sweet blend you can drink day in and day out.

Digestive Seed Tea was created in collaboration with nutritionist and chef Jennifer Hall Taylor, and was specifically designed to aid in digestive health. With fennel, anise, cardamom, cumin, and ginger, it’s a warming, spicy blend that’s meant to be enjoyed before or after meals.

Sweet Rush is made with lemongrass, ginger, and rose, which give this blend its delicately citrusy, spicy notes and calming effect.

Ajna refers to the 6th primary chakra, or the “third eye,” and this blend of anise hyssop, tulsi, and lavender was created to fuel intuition. With fresh, floral flavors, it’s a balanced tea that’ll have you feeling calm and clear.

Turmeric Wellness Blend was created in collaboration with cookbook author Heidi Swanson, and the blend of turmeric, rosemary, citrus peel, ginger, and black pepper were specifically chosen for their immune system-supporting qualities. It’s a soothing, bright blend with a hint of earthiness—perfect for when you’re feeling out of sorts.