Black and green and pink all over.

These pink tins are so picturesque that we’d be tempted to keep them on our shelves regardless of what's inside. Luckily, they’re filled with some of the most delectable teas we’ve come across. The green tea, Petales de Fleurs (or “Flower Petals”), is, just as the name implies, full of gorgeous flowers, which give this tea an aroma of red and tropical fruits, rose petals, and blueberry. The black tea, Jardin de Cacao (or “Cacao Garden”), is the tea equivalent of a hot chocolate—it actually smells and tastes like cocoa, with hints of vanilla. As pretty as the outside might be, it truly is what’s inside that counts.

Jardin de Cacao: Black tea with cacao and vanilla aromas
Pétales de Fleurs: Green tea with rose and sunflower petals and tropical fruit aromas
Mélange Boissier: Black tea, silver tips white tea, orange and vanilla aromas, lavender flowers and specks of vanilla beans.