Smooth operators.

You know EVOO, but do you know EVCB? Yes, we’re talking about extra-virgin chocolate bars—chocolate that’s made by combining single-origin cocoa beans and organic extra-virgin olive oil. These chocolate bars, created by chef Thomas Keller, olive oil producer Armando Manni, and chocolatier Chi Bui, have EVOO in place of cocoa butter, which gives the chocolate a super silky texture, increases the amount of antioxidants in each bar, and helps reveal the more nuanced flavors in the cacao. Another thing that sets them apart? These bars are made with varying amounts of milk, so you can really taste the cacao and the difference in taste that the milk imparts. Each set comes with a flight of three bars—milk, dark milk, and dark—from either Ecuador or Nicaragua. You can also opt for the gift box, which contains 2 bars from each country. Whatever you choose, the result is a totally new chocolate experience.