Make a (back)splash!

The instant, no-grout-required path to a tiled backsplash: self-adhesive sheets that go on easy, and peel off with no residue left behind. We're finally getting that colorful, lively look we've long pined for, kitchen or bathroom. You'll apply the tile as you would a sticker—on top of existing tile, or directly to a painted wall. A few stick-'em-ups later, you're left with a backsplash that could pass for a professional job. Easily peel off the tiles when you're ready. See! It is possible to make a big home improvement with only a little work.

Choose from 4 different vibrant Mediterranean-inspired patterns, in a clear or opaque tile. The opaque tiles will cover up the wall entirely (when you might want to hide a less than perfect paint job), and the clear will allow the original wall to shine through between the spaces of the colored patterns.

Each of the tiles is 3.9" x 3.9"; the tiles come in packs of 48 tiles. Hey, why not choose one pattern for your kitchen and another for your bathroom!