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Measure & Store Jars (Set of 3)

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Smart Storage, Part 1

Smart Storage, Part 1

We’ve given you Our Weekly Grocery List; now, we’ll show you how to stock your larder. Part of treating ingredients correctly is knowing the best places to store them, and for how long. 

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Measure & Store Jars (Set of 3)
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3 Stars
These are great
These are great. My only complaint is that you can't return them.. ...and, my bad, I ordered tooo many. The tal ones are super tall!, so they are useless to me. And I've tried to give them away... they won't fit in any cabinet.
Verified Purchase
Submitted on: 4/29/2019 Reviewed by: Heather
5 Stars
Who doesn’t love a canning jar?
Theses are beautiful and functional. The greatest idea is that measuring cup in the lid. It just tips the scale for me. Yes, that simple perk is what should make you buy yet another canning jar. I could not chose between the sizes so, I got all three❤️
Verified Purchase
Submitted on: 4/30/2018 Reviewed by: Lisamarie

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