Clean sweep.

For 60 years, Andree Jardin has been making beautiful wood brushes in Brittany, France. Jardin’s husband, George-René Julio, was an apprentice to a brush-maker in Nantes and with his know-how, the pair opened up their factory in 1947. With the advent of plastic, traditional brush-making techniques fell by the wayside, so these brooms and dusters are some of the only high-quality options made in the old-school way—using horsehair and silk bristles, and sturdy wood handles. We love that they’ve maintained their traditional beauty while incorporating modern, whimsical design touches.

A dustpan is one of those things that we use about a hundred times a day but shamefully hide under the sink. This French dustpan is one to be proud of, in a sleek lacquered black and handsome beechwood-handled brush. And the sturdy materials will keep it dusting for years to come.