Get swept off your feet.

For 60 years, Andrée Jardin has been making beautiful wood brushes in Brittany, France. Jardin’s husband, George-René Julio, was an apprentice to a brush-maker in Nantes and with his know-how, the pair opened up their factory in 1947. We love that they’ve maintained their traditional beauty while incorporating modern, whimsical design touches.

For spot cleans and little spills, a hand-held dustpan will do you just fine. But for sweeping up larger spaces? Get a standing dustpan set like this one and pat yourself on the back (a very grateful back). This is slim and 35" tall tool that looks like it could’ve been nicked from a French New Wave film set (we won’t judge if you find yourself breaking into a song and dance number—brooms make excellent faux-microphones).