I can see clearly now, the dust is gone.

For 60 years, Andrée Jardin has been making beautiful wood brushes in Brittany, France. Jardin’s husband, George-René Julio, was an apprentice to a brush-maker in Nantes and with his know-how, the pair opened up their factory in 1947. With the advent of plastic, traditional brush-making techniques fell by the wayside, so these brooms and dusters are some of the only high-quality options made in the old-school way—using horsehair and silk bristles, and sturdy wood handles. We love that they’ve maintained their traditional beauty while incorporating modern, whimsical design touches.

It might be in the “Tradition” collection, but this brilliant little tool is all innovation. Seriously: Why clean one slat at a time when you can clean three? Four goat-hair brushes are connected to a beech handle that lets you quickly swipe through your blinds and blast through dust in no time. You’ll feel chic and clever all at once as you whip through your chores.