Everything by the kitchen sink.

Next in the set is the Handled Dish Brush, an all-around class act that works on dishes large and small. It comes with a handy metal hook at the end to keep your kitchen area tidy and prevents water from pooling around the wood. But wait, there’s a surprise: The head of the brush is removable and doubles as a pot scrubber.

Following this act, we present the "Bistro" Bottle Brush, a slim number with a flexible stainless steel stem that eases itself around corners and angles. The end of the brush is topped off with long bristles to help you reach the bottom of bottles without the metal stem making scratches.

And last but not least, the Veggie Brush, a waxed beech wood hand-held brush with a dual personality: a soft side for your tender fruits and veggies, and a tough side for your potatoes, radishes and carrots.