A sweet read.

These delicious little boxes come with a spread of bars from the Raaka Chocolate collection (grab a set of 3 or 8), in enticing flavors ranging from cabernet sauvignon to green tea crunch to bananas foster and beyond. But where does the library part come in? The 8-bar box even comes with a sixteen-page booklet outlining the fascinating process by which Raaka sources and creates its treats. Knowledge is power…tasty, tasty power.

Choose between:

3-Bar: Bourbon Cask Aged (82% cacao), Pink Sea Salt (71% cacao), and Oat Milk (58% cacao).

8-Bar: Bourbon Cask Aged (82% cacao), Maple & Nibs (75% cacao), Pink Sea Salt (71% cacao), Oat Milk (58% cacao), Bananas Foster (68% cacao), Green Tea Crunch (66% cacao), Coconut Milk (60% cacao), 100% Cacao.