You’ll flip for these.

Imagine this: a turner that can handle the most delicate foods, like lacy fried eggs and paper-thin crepes, and can also confidently flip a hefty burger or an entire side of fish. The clever designers at GIR have delivered just that: a turner that can pretty much handle anything that needs flipping, and has the small details that make flipping a breeze. With a beveled, angled edge, it can smoothly slide under anything, whether you’re cooking delicate pancakes or a substantial steak. The edges are firm and flexible, making it easy to scrape up those sticky bits clinging to the bottom of the pan or gently lift cookies off a baking sheet. All three of these silicone flips—from the adorable mini to the get-down-to-business pro—are heat resistant up to 550°F, easy to clean, dishwasher safe, BPA-free, and practically indestructible, and all have been designed with real cooks in mind—so they’re functional in all the ways we home cooks actually need kitchen tools to be.