Boil it, bag it, wait, and feast.

Who said a slow cooker had to be plugged in? The Wonderbag is a portable, non-electric slow-cooker that continues to cook food using residual heat for up to 12 hours. Here’s how it works: First, prep your food just as you would for regular stove-top cooking and bring it to a boil. Then take it off the stove and bag it up inside the Wonderbag and seal it inside for up to 12 hours. It’s an age-old method of cooking made modern by a South African non-profit that helps individuals around the world save time, reduce fuel consumption and cut down on air pollution.

Bring it on your next camping trip or use it at home for an environmentally-friendly cooking method that saves money. Try out some of these hearty stew recipes! The Wonderbag also works well for yogurt-making and bread proofing. Bonus: It keeps food cool, too!